The Altar of Woman is a three-month guided process, an earth school, a leadership training, a space to align with the global sisterhood, and nourish personal and collective evolution.

⟢ This work is a calling to come home to the body, and awaken a living realisation of the sacred woven into the fabric of life.

⟢ This 12-week-process supports us as women to rise even further in purpose, service and love.

⟢ Together and individually, we take this journey through the path of elemental embodiment.

⟢ Working with the natural forces and the guidance of the circle, we are held, nourished and informed about how to embrace a life of deep alignment and sacred activism.

The Course Foundation 


20 JANUARY 2023 (AUS)
19 JANUARY 2023 (UK)

  • 12 weeks. 12 week committed journey ~ 3 weeks of exploration for each element: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

  • Weekly Meetings. A weekly 2-hour-meeting point on Zoom guided and held by Adya and Xochi. Beginning Friday 20th January AUS / Thursday 19th January UK. This meeting can be attended live or recorded. London (GMT) 7.30 PM, Sydney (AEDT) 6.30 AM.

  • A Daily Schedule. Daily rituals and practices outlined for each week of elemental exploration.

  • Video Content. Videos of Yoga and breath practice for each element.

  • Guided Workbook. An E-book to accompany the journey through the elements.

  • Deep Dive. Weekly questions for self inquiry and exploration.

  • Online Community. Become a part of the ongoing Altar of Woman Community, where we share stories, insights, images, wisdom and support.

❝ This safe container supports us to stand upon the earth with clarity, trust and self-knowledge, to embody our unique gifts and rise into life-affirming action and leadership. ❞

  Meet Your Guides 

Adya has walked the path of Yoga and embodiment for over 2 decades.

Her passion for Women’s work has been weaved through her journey of teaching and study since she was a young woman. She has trained in Ha-tha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Art therapy, Pre-natal Yoga, various forms of somatic healing and in her early years she worked as a birth doula.

For the past 15 years, Adya has held embodiment workshops and Yoga Teacher training in PachaMama, a transformation center in Costa Rica. There she was exposed to Native traditions of Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador and North America and has been deeply influenced by the Earth path of the Red Road.

Now based in the Byron Bay Shire in Australia, she is currently under the instruction of Carmen Vicente, a revered medicine woman of Ecuador. Adya is now participating in Carmens School of Secrets, deepening her exploration of the mysteries of Woman.

Xochi is a feminine spirituality guide, author and Women’s Temple circle facilitator.

She works with women to awaken themselves and each other through nature-based practice and sacred sisterhood. She previously trained in naturopathic nutritional therapy, the clinical practice of which took her on a journey deep into the rhythms, codes and wisdom of the womb, which she recognised as a space to urgently reclaim in these times of rising and remembrance.

Her path has brought her to many traditions including yoga, tantra, Native American ritual and ceremony, shamanism, paganism and trauma healing work. She has been mentored by Adya and trained in the sacred ways of Women’s Temple by Awakening Women, with whom she continues to apprentice - alongside Mother Earth and the Goddess in her many forms.

A few words from those that we have worked with.


United States

"The Altar of Woman journey truly exceeded my expectations and ended up being everything I needed that I didn't realize. Going through this process in community with other women made me feel like I finally have gotten a proper initiation into all that it means to be a woman in this body, how to connect to the magic and power of the elements within and around me, and how to sink further into myself through deep embodiment."


United Kingdom

"Xochi and Adya created a beautiful journey. The experience took me deeper than I had imagined and the practices and tools I learned have stayed with me. Learning about the elements has given me so much grounding, nourishment and support during this difficult time. I’ve been longing for this knowledge and wisdom for so long and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and be held. I wish everyone could experience this journey."



"This is a gift. A powerful, magical journey of community and homecoming, uniquely woven into the fabric of everyday life. Held by Adya, Xochi and a global circle of sisters, the beautiful practices and rituals were a doorway to a more attuned, anchored, and deeply loving connection with myself, others, and the earth. Thank you."


United Kingdom

"Adya and Xochi are both amazing at holding you in sacred circle around the globe. I felt very held by both of them throughout this whole journey.This piece of work has really transformed and awakened me . It has helped me to delve deeper into my being and unravel layers of connecting with the four elements. I loved every minute of this course and I highly recommend it to any woman that feels called to do some deep inner work with their Altar of the body. Adya holds so much wisdom and I have learnt so much from her. I am so grateful to both Xochi and Adya for showing up at this time when we need this work the most. In deep Gratitude."


United Kingdom

"Attending The Altar of Women has sewn a beautiful seed which has continued to grow and blossom each day. I now know how to attend to my own sacred and potent ritual of self care. The weekly gatherings, somatic practices and tools created a really safe container, which allowed me to fully land in the body and explore sensuality in a way I never knew possible. Adya and Xochi’s welcoming presence opened me up to remember who I truly am - I felt my feminine power and felt connected to my female ancestors - both the struggle and the wisdom encoded in DNA. It felt so empowering to reclaim my soul spirit body in the loving sisterhood."

The Investment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can't be present for the weekly meeting due to the timezone?

    If you're not able to attend the weekly gathering, you will still be deeply connected to the circle. We're anchoring a collective prayer for evolution and healing, so with that intention, our beings are weaved together. The weekly gathering will be recorded and you will of course have access to each recorded meeting.

  • How long will I spend on my daily practices each day?

    The daily practices can be weaved into the fabric of your life. You will have clarity guidance with how to work with the practices and yet only you will determine how much time and space you have to engage with the structure and design of this process. If you embrace the invitation to dive into this work with authenticity and truth, then the work will inspire a unique process of transformation and healing, beyond time.

  • What is the commitment that I'm making if I join this circle?

    When you join The Altar of Woman Apprenticeship, you are committing to embrace the tools, the guidance, and the structure of this journey. It is a commitment that you energetically make to yourself, the elements, and the circle. The architecture of the course allows each one of us to move through a unique experience that will deeply empower and nourish our lives.

  • Will there be a space to reach out for support?

    Yes... Xochi will be the contact point for the entire journey and there will also be a space to connect and share questions, challenges, and insights with the whole circle of the Altar of Woman community.

  • Who is this course open to?

    All who identify as women.

  • Once I commit to the course, is it possible to have a refund?

    No, once you join the circle, you are a part of this journey :)