The Deep Listening of Seership

⤖ The Art of Energy Laboratory explores the human energy system. Through the incredible ways we embody different rhythms, tempos, shapes, and languages of movement, we shift perception.

⤖ This body of work connects us to instinctual intelligence and reveals pathways to live as an agent of change.

⤖ It is a movement towards being, and an homage to the 4 powers - the elements, the master teachers of this time.


  • 6 Weeks - 6 week committed journey. Through movement we will unlock deep communication, transforming stuck energy and attune to relational field and conflict.

  • Weekly Meeting - A weekly 1.5hr meeting point on Zoom. Beginning with 45 minutes of movement exploration. Into 45 minutes of unpacking the Philosophy of energy and movement.

  • A Daily Schedule - Daily rituals and practises outlined for each week of elemental exploration.

  • Video Content - Deepen your own personal inquiry around energy cultivation and the interconnectivity between movement, energy and reality. Through different explorations of movement systems | • 12 Posture Energetic System • 8 Foundational Coordination Communication Movements • Rhythms of Energy (Dance) • 6 Seismic Architecture Foundations

  • Deep Dive - Weekly questions for self inquiry and exploration

  • Unpacking Movement Philosophies & Principles - Seismic Stability • Chameleon Consciousness • Architecture of Alchemy • Wild Stillpoint


Course Structure

• Meeting for six (6) weeks.


• Australia: Tues, May 23rd - Tues, June 27th 2023
• USA & UK: Mon, May 22nd - Mon, June 22nd 2023


• Sydney, AUS (AEST) 6am Tuesday
• London, UK (BST) 9pm Monday
• LA, USA (PDT) 1pm Monday
• NY, USA (EDT) 4pm Monday


  • What are the core principles from which we can address conflict in relationship, challenge and life?

  • What are the vital practices to support evolution and understanding of energy?

  • How to open your creative channel for problem solving through the body?

  • What are the guiding principles for thriving and transforming human energy in a dynamic changing ecosystems?

  • How to regulate the energy systems of the body?

  • How to affect change through the subtle energetic dynamics we embody and inhabit?

  • How can we use rhythm, cadence, and body position to adapt in unknown territories of human dynamics?

  • How to dialogue & communicate with living forces?

WHY? —

Because life is happening on multiple levels, when we learn to listen to the energetics underneath the surface, we can thrive and meet life in profound new ways.



Velan is a movement devotee, and has been teaching in the field of human transformation for nearly 2 decades, and at the core of his work an activator for cultural change.

⤖ Velan is passionate about cultivating energy and exploring the limits, edges and boundaries of the human experience. He has a very wide range of global experience for teaching in conscious communities, to the field of high performance with professional athletes and coaches, to the engagement with CEO's and management teams and teaching within the relational field of conflict and cultural change.

⤖ He is a powerful activator and shares a unique balance between dynamism and stillness.

⤖ Velan is deeply influenced by Master Zhen Hua Yang and has been working with energetic cultivation for the past decade, and applied this work in the subtle martial arts of relating and within the relational field of conflict. He is also influenced by Carmita Vicente (Chief, Medicine Woman of Ecuador) which has activated a deep embodied inquiry about the communication, dialogue and reciprocity with the living forces on earth.


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  • What if I can't be present for the weekly meeting due to timezone?

    If you're not able to attend the weekly gathering, you will still be deeply connected to the circle. The weekly gathering will be recorded and you will of course have access to each recorded meeting.

  • How long will I spend on my daily practices each day?

    The daily practices can be weaved into the fabric of your life. You will have clarity guidance with how to work with the practices and yet only you will determine how much time and space you have to engage with the structure and design of this process. If you engage in this work with commitment and curiosity , then the work will inspire a unique process of transformation, healing, and empowerment.

  • What is the commitment that I'm making if I join this circle?

    When you join Art of Energy, you are committing to embrace the tools, the guidance, and the structure of this journey. It is a commitment that you energetically make to yourself, the elements, and the circle. The architecture of the course allows each one of us to move through a unique experience that will deeply empower and activate our life.

  • Will there be a space to reach out for support?

    Yes... Velan will be the contact point for the entire journey and there will also be a space to connect and share questions, challenges, and insights with the whole circle of the Art of Energy community.

  • Who is this course open to?

    All people!

  • Once I commit to the course, is it possible to have a refund?

    No, once you join the circle, you are a part of this journey :)